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The Truth About Herbal Male Enhancement

If you're anything like me, you're probably suspicious of anything that calls itself an "herbal" remedy. After all, aren't herbal remedies just less powerful kinds of medicine?

Sure, they might be better for me in the long run. But if I have a headache, I want to take something that works!

And if I want something for male enhancement, am I really going to trust something herbal?

Do Herbal Male Enhancement Remedies Really Work?

Here's what I learned about herbal male enhancement: it actually has a leg up on traditional drugs. In fact, there aren't really any good pharmaceutical drugs for male enhancement. There are only good drugs for ED (erectile dysfunction).

Part of what ED drugs (like Viagra) do is the same as what herbal male enhancement remedies do: they help men have reliable erections that show up when needed and are solid enough for sex. Viagra and other drugs like it became famous for this ability, and we're all familiar with the picture of the little blue pill and the TV commercials featuring middle-aged men singing and skipping down the street. They're hilarious.

But ED is not hilarious, and neither is living your life with an smaller than average penis.

Drugs like Viagra will help you get erections, and over time the increased blood flow that helps create those erections can affect the appearance of your penis to some extent. However, this is not what Viagra was designed to do.

Drugs like Viagra also come with drawbacks that may make you reconsider herbal male enhancement - even if you're not usually an "herbal" kind of guy. These drawbacks include vision problems, headaches, painful erections that last for hours on end, and even heart attacks. Yes, it'll give you a nice hard erection, but at what risk?

Herbal Male Enhancement vs. Pharmaceuticals

When you match herbal male enhancement against pharmaceutical ED drugs like Viagra, it isn't a very fair fight. Here's why:

  • Herbal male enhancement supplements have no side effects. On the other hand, pharmaceuticals can cause headaches, altered vision, painful erections that won't go away, and even heart attacks.

    Winner: Herbal male enhancement.

  • Herbal male enhancement supplements don't require a prescription. The reason pharmaceuticals DO require a prescription is that they contain potentially harmful drugs that may not be taken with other medications or with certain medical conditions. This makes them not only riskier for your health, but also more difficult (and more embarrassing) to acquire, as you have to see your doctor and ask for a prescription.

    Winner: Herbal male enhancement.

  • Herbal male enhancement supplements do more than provide an erection. With herbal male enhancement, you not only achieve reliable erections on demand. You also experience fuller, firmer erections, plus a greatly enhanced drive for sex, and a more satisfying sexual experience. With pharmaceuticals you just get an erection - that you sometimes can't get rid of!

    Winner: Herbal male enhancement.

  • Herbal male enhancement supplements are proven as effective as pharmaceuticals. Third-party scientific testing for one of the leading herbal male enhancement products showed that the herbal product (VigRX Plus) was equally powerful when compared to the active ingredient in pharmaceutical ED drugs like Viagra and Cialis. That means the herbal male enhancement supplement created sustainable erections just as well as Viagra - but with the added benefits of increased sexual desire and enjoyment. And with no risky side effects.

    Winner: Herbal male enhancement.

When you add up all these pieces of information, there is no doubt in my mind that the herbal male enhancement route is the better option. No risky side effects, no embarrassing requests to my family doctor (who is a friend of mine!), plus a proven method of achieving firmer, more reliable erections with an increased sex drive to boot. I guess I'm officially an herbal kind of guy!

Be aware, though, that VigRX Plus is the only herbal male enhancement product on the market that has been subjected to this kind of third-party clinical testing, using human subjects. You can visit the website for more details of the two-year study:

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